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The Society collects and allocates the funds necessary for the enhanced speech and language services at the Tevie Miller Heritage School Program. These services are paid for from monies received from parent fees, fundraising, donations, Alberta Health Services, and private benefactors.

Parent Financial Commitment

Each family is required to make an annual financial commitment of $3,100.00 per child enrolled in the Program. The financial commitment consists of:

  1. The Society fee of $400.00 per family. It is mandatory for all families and cannot be fundraised. It goes directly to the Society for operational expenses.
  2. The remaining $2,700.00 per child must be paid directly by the parents or fundraised. This fee pays for the enhanced speech and language services contracted for by the Society.

It is a condition of our agreement with the Edmonton Public Schools that no student be enrolled in the School Program without first making arrangements with the Society for payment of the enhanced speech and language services by signing a financial commitment form. To ensure the continued existence of our unique Program, it is essential that all parents meet their financial commitment.